MGMT: Electricfying Sound

MGMT frontmen Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden photo by Deviant Art

MGMT (pronounced by saying each letter), originally composed of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden is so unique the New York Times is the most accurate in categorizing them as electro-psychedelic.    They got their start in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York when Ben and Andrew met while attending Wesleyan University.

The band was originally called The Management but they changed their name after realizing there was a big British band with the same name and began to be known as MGMT.

Oracular Spectacular, the album that won the band the recognition.

Ben does vocals, keyboards, synths and drums and Andrew does vocals, guitar, keyboards and drums. Members James Richardson, Matt Asti and Will Berman joined what was known as the core band after their first album Oracular Spectacular debuted in 2007.  It debuted as 12 in the UK album chart and number six on the Australian ARIA Charts.

Rolling Stone has kept their eye on the band and in 2008 named them among the top ten “Artists to Watch” and the 18th best album of the decade with Oracular Spectacular as well.  Other awards include being in Australia’s Triple J Hottest 100 with three songs in the countdown (Electric Feel at number two, Kids at number 5 and Time to Pretend at number 18.


The Grammys took note of the band as well and in 2009 when the Justice remix of Electric Feel won for Best Remixed Recording, Non Classical. They also attained nominations for Best New Artist and Best Pop Performance in 2010.


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