Depeche Mode: Industrial Renovation

Members David Gahan, Martin Gore, Alan Wilder and Andy Fletcher pose. Photo Credits:

Depeche Mode is probably one of the most successful electronic bands of the New Age music period seeing its start in 198o.

The band got started in the quaint town of Basildon, Essex and consists of members David Gahan (lead vocals), Martin Gore(keyboard, vocals, chief songwriter after 1981), Vince Clarke (keyboard and chief songwriter until 1981) and Andy Fletcher(keyboards).  Vince left after the first album of the band to work on his own and was replaced by Alan Wilder.

The band was started from a project called No Romance n China by Clarke(vocals and guitar) and Fletcher in 1977 (bass) and was inspired by The Cure. The merging of two projects (The French Look and Composition of Sound) with Robert Marlow (The Plan) and Paul Richmond(Clarke’s friend) was the prefect prelude to the band.

Both bands played together at Basildon, Essex two months later and shortly after the band switched over to synthesizers and they discovered their fourth element David Gahan and Depeche Mode was born.

The band was discovered by electronic musician Daniel Miller from Mute Records in a gig at Canning Town, London and after four months their third single “Just Can’t Get Enough” peaked at number 8 and it was to infinity and beyond for the band after that.

Vince produced two other bands after he left the band, Yazoo and Erasure.

For a more in depth biography click here.


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