Throbbing Gristle: A Grim Beginning

Members: Sleazy, Cosey, Chris and Genesis pose for the camera. Photo: Peter Heartfield

While this band is known for being industrial, their use of synths and heavy hypnotic sound created by their use of electronic instruments has landed them here (not to mention their cool name). They were signed to record label Mute Records, which signed many artists that were turned down by the New Musical  Express in the time that synth and alternative music genres were becoming popular.

They were formed in a sinister if you will place called, Kingston Upon Hill in England. Much like John Foxx’s hometown, it was grim because the band practiced in a factory that was on level with the plague pits (the Black Plague).

Their music was really a synergy of all the industrial sounds the band heard by night and day.  They were similar to Cabaret Voltaire but independent nonetheless.

Member Chris Carter was a fan of Tangerine Dream and had many synths himself, that being said their sound was very hypnotic sounding like Tangerine Dream’s.

The band’s performances are notorious for their challenging of their fans to think about the dark and obsessive sides of human nature with pornography and pictures of Nazi concentration camps among other images.

Of course, taken the place of origin of the band, can you blame them for being realists?

The group was never quite as big some of its contenders Cabaret Voltaire, Human League or Gary Numan but their bold eclectic style of performing has made them unique and memorable to those who enjoy their music.


Throbbing Gristle

The Band’s Myspace


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