Tangerine Dream: Dynamic Sounds

The band is recording their 1974 LP, Phaedra.

Among the most influential psychedelic, instrumental, electronic bands for the synthetic music genre was German legends, Tangerine Dream. Though the name of the band has always been a mystery as far as it’s whereabouts, the most popular is a line in John Lennon’s song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

The band has been among the most dynamic in terms of their sound mainly due to the fact that they have had many line-ups in the past. The only constant member is creator Edgar Froese, he founded the band in 1967. One of the first lineups included Volker Humbach, Lanse Hapshash, Kurth Herkenberg. Humbaugh played the saxophone, flute and violin, with Hapshash on drums, Herkenbeger on bass and Edgar Froese on the guitar. Singer Charlie Prince was only with the band for a short period.

The band’s first record contract came when Froese met Psy Free drum player, Klaus Schulze. Together they found another musician, Conrad Schitzler. Regardless of Schitzler’s inability to play any real music instruments he produced sounds with other tools, the music they developed together in a private studio from 1970 called Electronic Meditation and was accidentally discovered by music producer, Peter Meisel.

For Tangerine Dream, the turning point came when upon Froese’s request they get rid of their traditional instruments to start experimenting with electronic equipment such as a sine-wave generator and a Moog Synthesizer (which they attained from Mick Jagger).

Success struck with the release of their release of their LP, Phaedra in 1974.


Tangerine Dream

Edgar Froese


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